Sedona, AZ Private Tours by Susie Reed

"Beauty's Reflection" • Sedona, AZ • Photograph by Susie Reed

Photography • Scenic • Dwellings & Rock Art Sedona, AZ Tours with Susie Reed

"Tree with a View" • Sedona, AZ Landscape Photograph by Susie Reed

"Tree with a View" • Sedona, AZ • Photograph by Susie Reed

Photo Instruction, Fine Art & more by Susie Reed

Award-winning photographer Susie Reed takes people to breathtaking off the beaten path locations on her Sedona private tours. She knows where photo opportunities abound and shares fascinating insights about Sedona's vortexes, sacred sites, power spots, archaeological treasures and more. Her tours are for you if you want to get the most out of limited time in Sedona or have a unique, personalized experience.

In her Sedona, Arizona photo Jeep tours and workshops Susie teaches photographers of all levels with a wide range of gear how to take better pictures. She inspires them, helps them quickly improve and get more comfortable and creative using complex cameras and photo software.

Shield rock art photo by © Susie Reed • near Sedona, Arizona
"Circle, Square,Triangle" • Rock art near Sedona, AZ
Photograph by Susie Reed

She's a fine art and commercial photographer whose photos are enjoyed by collectors in many countries. Susie's work has been in major museums and galleries including the Cooper Hewitt Museum, the De Young Museum and the International Museum of Photography.

Her pictures have also been in books, magazines, solo calendars, on murals, Forest Service signs, a variety of stationery products and other publications. She loves shooting many subjects, as can be seen from her photos throughout this website. She's especially fond of photographing Sedona's ancient rock art and spectacular landscapes.

While it may be easy to find Sedona vortexes and trails on your own, knowing the best places to go once there is another matter... Susie can guide you to them and other little known gems on her tours, which can be tailored to your interests.

She can take you to beautiful, serene, remote locations with expansive views where they you connect with the earth. If you go on her private Pink Jeep Broken Arrow, Ancient Ruins, Scenic Landscapes or other tours you'll get to stay longer at extraordinary places than on their regular tours.

"Blooming Agave Sees On" • Sedona, AZ • Photograph by Susie Reed
"Blooming Agave Sees On" • Sedona, AZ • Photograph by Susie Reed

"Thanks for the great day. It was beautiful. We enjoyed
the scenery and your KNOWLEDGE and company!
See you again!" A.T., Long Island, NY

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The photos on this website are by Susie Reed. Some show Sedona
tour destinations. Her photos are available for sale and licensing.

Susie Reed Photos TripAdvisor 5-star Review

Susie's private Sedona tours have a 5-star TripAdvisor rating. They're especially popular with photographers, people wanting to get away from crowds and those who love archaeology. She can guide you to stunning views, panoramic vistas, archaeological wonders, vortexes and more.

All excursions can be made into Sedona photography tours.

Susie Reed's Photo student shooting Cathedral rock reflecting pool • Photo by Susie Reed
Susie Ree
d's private tours are a favorite with photographers.

In her Sedona photography workshops and tours Susie explains good camera settings for different situations, how to shoot panoramas, HRD, running water, stars and use photo filters. She also provides tips for composition, ways to develop your own unique eye and more.

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She helps photographers go from feeling overwhelmed to at ease and confident using jam-packed photo software and cameras. She shows how to make pictures look stunning with Photoshop and Lightroom, provides constructive feedback in photo critiques and portfolio reviews and assists with editing and organizing photo files.

"I wanted to thank you again. You were patient, charming, fun
(and funny) and just a pleasure to be around. We both
felt like we learned a lot." G. D., Dallas, Texas

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"Cloud Gathering" • Sedona, AZ Lnadscape Photograph by Susie Reed
"Cloud Gathering" • Sedona, AZ • Photograph by Susie Reed

"Since arriving home we often talk about the
wonderful time we had with you a few weeks
ago on our photo shoot. I can't tell you how much we
enjoyed spending an afternoon with you taking photographs.
Thanks so much for bringing us to those wonderful spots.“ D. & L. T.

Susie Reed is represented by Goldenstein Gallery, which was voted the best gallery in Sedona for the last 9 years and named the top place to shop in Sedona by USA Today.

"Cascading Colors" • Photograph by Susie Reed
"Cascading Colors" • Photograph by Susie Reed

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Susie Reed's Photos Slideshow
Photographs by Susie Reed

Susie is considered an eminent photographer of Southwestern rock art who has a gift for magically bringing pictographs and petroglyphs back to life in her intriguing photos. Her stunning landscapes vividly depict Sedona’s magnificence at its best. People say they smell the flowers in her pictures and her Farmer's Market photos make their mouths water.

"Family's Hands" • Rock Art near Sedona, AZ
Photograph by Susie Reed

Smithsonian Magazine talked about Susie's fascinating Southwest rock art photographs in an article in which they named Sedona, Arizona the 8th best small town in America.

Susie leads tours to some of her favorite pictographs, petroglyphs and ancient dwellings. If you're interested in archaeology and will be in the Sedona area, this is a rare opportunity not to be missed.

Sedona Rock Art Photograph by © Susie Reed
"Big Presence" • Rock Art near Sedona, AZ
Photograph by Susie Reed

Susie Reed Photos Sedona, AZ Tours 5 Star TripAdvisor Review

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"Sunset's Last Light" • Cathedral Rock • Sedona, AZ • Photograph by Susie Reed

Susie's love of Sedona's fragile archaeology sites and breathtaking scenery, in need of protection, led her to become a conservationist and preservationist who shines a spotlight on the value of these places by sharing her photos, speaking, teaching and leading tours.

Photograph of Susie Reed

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